Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So today we had a kinda disappointing, but strengthening experience. We were at this lady's house and she told us that she has "hit a wall" with the plan of salvation. And the part that she has a problem with is the 3 kingdoms of glory (1Cor.15). So I told her that there are different levels of obedience to God's commandments and that we are placed according to our obedience.
She wasn't really listening i dont think, I think that she was just looking for an excuse to drop us because it war pretty plainly explained... Anyways, she has 2 dogs. And she told us about them and how one of her dogs is well trained. That she can have him repeat a behavior all day and he gets it. That he'll remember and obey. Then she has another dog. And this dog is younger and has a hard time with learning the "rules". So she would help it practice doing things right, but it would just keep on going back to its old habits.
Anyways, she loves both of her dogs equally. She treats them on the same level and expects both of them to obey the rules the same. But when one dog doesn't do what he is supposed to, or behaves against her will, he is corrected and doesn't enjoy the same priviliges and freedoms that the obedient dog does.
This is the same thing with us and our Heavenly Father. There are some people who choose to obey. Who choose to make decisions that make Heavenly Father happy. There are those who willfully submit themselves to Heavenly Father's commands. And it is those who are blessed for their obedience. And are trusted with more than those who are not obedient. And those who are not obedient, who willfully disobey God and He can't and won't reward them for their disobedience.
So my hope is that we can all do our best to obey God and His commandments. And that we can receive all the blessings that He has in store for us, through our obedience to His commands. God loves all of us equally. He wants all of us to return to Him. So lets be obedient and be able to greet His outstreached arms!


  1. Hello, good morning.

    Interesting timing for this post topic. I have been enjoying myself pondering blessings in relation to our relationship with heavenly father. ( I love thought-puzzles like this and can spend large blocks of time amusing and teaching myself) Since the topic coincides I was wondering if you would share your opinion on this:

    Blessings in regard to obedience i.e. the more obedient receive more blessings....could it possibly be, instead of a reward or cookie, that the increased blessings just be a logical outcome of greater obedience since the outcome of the choice to be obedient is the closer and closer alignment of wills? Your will naturally aligning with gods will through the practice of obedience, therefore the way is smoothed a bit since the way forward aligns with god?

    I guess what I am trying to say is that as one's will is aligned more fully with god life itself naturally becomes the blessing? And what we perceive to be rewards or treats are the natural outgrowth of a life in alignment with god?

  2. I would say that yes, as we are more obedient to God's will, we become closer to God. We will feel the great love and comfort that the Holy Ghost gives because we are doing what is right. And the more we do that, the better we feel, and the better our outlook on life will be. I'm not saying that if you obey more, you will receive physical things, although you might, but you will be in tune with the spirit and when that happens, life is better.