Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I think that as we remember and realize what God has done for us in our lives, we become more humble. And because we're more humble, we are better prepared to receive the blessings that He wishes to give us.When we recognize how God has worked in our lives, it will allow us to see the way He is willing to bless us. Then we can ask for the things that He is willing to give us. And thus our will can and will mesh with His, and we will become "one" with God (John 17
I think that is a real challenge for us in this life, to develop those God-like qualities and discover in ourselves the things that God has blessed us with. I think if we will take the time to do as Elder Eyring says and recognize God's hand in our lives we will be able to see where He wants us to go and what He wants us to do. And we will develop the qualities that He would have us. God has a very deliberate and specific hand in our lives. He will lead us to truth as we seek. And that is what I invite everyone who reads this to test. See if He is not here. He is here.


  1. Lindsay BullingerMay 17, 2011 at 9:50 PM

    I love that talk I have some friends who struggle to see all the blessings that our father in heaven hasgiven them and it makes me so grateful to have the gospel to bless my life every single day the gospel knowledge is a gift that each of us could countevery day of our lives an I'm thankful heavenly father has allowed me to have he gospel always we are all truly blessed.

  2. Onces I visit US I bought a amazing painting of Jesus Christ to bring home with me to Germany. The moment I saw this amazing painting it was my favorite since ever. But I lost it when I moved to Brazil. And I could never find it in the online Desert Book store or in the Internet. But today I found it in google because you posted it in your block.
    I finally have my favorite painting of Jesus Christ back. Thank you so much!! And keep doing with your wonderful block!!
    Greets from Brazil, São Paulo ---> the city where the church is having a huge boom!!! :)