Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Poem For You

So let me preface this, 1 I am not very good at this, so don't judge. 2 if I combine two words, say it fast to yourself so it will end up rhyming... and 3..... enjoy! (PS: no title... suggestions are welcome in the comment box)

When we cross the veil
we forget who we are
Born to our family
we bring light from afar

But Satan and his angels
know us real well
They know who we were
before we crossed the veil

So they'll do all in their power
to tempt us to sin
We'll fight and we'll struggle
and sometimes give in

But because of our Brother
who offered Himself
We can repent
and gain spiritual wealth

Be healed through His power
forgicen for sin
Have heavenly moments
when the veil is real thin

And as we get older
and grow spiritually
We'll become that Son or Daughter
we're destined to be

Cuz before the veil
when Satan wastossed out
The whole host of heaven
let out a great shout

Cuz we got the chance
to have an earthly home
And God wants to hear from us
so He gave us a phone

Our prayers are answered
by our loving God
He loves all His children
me, you and even Todd

So let us remember
where we came from
The plan God has
and what we can become

1 comment:

  1. Brock, you are great at writing poems. I still have the one you wrote me a long time ago on my bulletin board.
    I especially like those last 4 lines, very great to remember. Thank you for sharing this!