Friday, February 11, 2011

Finish Strong

I chose to talk today about "Finishing Strong". This has been something that has really stuck out to me because it can apply in so many different ways into our lives. While i was at Davis, our coach told us that we would play great. We would do really well, but we would come up short. We couldnt finish the game. And that motto has stuck with me. Even Shawn Merriman has it tatooed on his neck. In football, as well as in life it is important to finish strong.
We all know that Satan is real. We know that he is good at what he does. And just like any foe, he will attack us when we are the weakest. He will go after us when we are tired, when we are down, when we are most vulnerable. This is when we need to finish strong.
In high school, at the end of every football game we had a signal to remind us to finish strong. At the begining of the 4th quarter everyone on our team would hold up 4 fingers. That reminded us that it was now that we would win the game. It was then that we would play our best to finish the game strong and defeat the opponent.
Just like we did for our football games, we can do for our lives. We all have weaknesses and we know where they are. We can set up reminders to help us finish strong. Whether that is a picture of the Savior in our wallet. Or having an escape route to avoid sin, we need those things to help us because we are weak. We must rely on the Savior to help us with those temptations. But we must first help ourselves by having a reminder to finish strong, then the Savior will help us when we are in need. I know God loves us. He loves us so much that he sent His son Jesus Christ to pay the debt that we owe. All they ask of us is to obey the commandments and to reach to them because their arms are always outstreached towards us.

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  1. fourth quarter...fourth quarter....fourth quarter!!!