Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sacrifice has been a part of the gospel from the begining. From the begining we all knew that Jesus Christ would be sacrificed for our sins. And from the begining of the world starting with Adam we know that God required man to make sacrifices.
And not just a sacrifice of our leftovers, but a sacrifice of the best. (Back in the day) They were required to sacrifice the best of their crops and herds. And that is the same sacrifice that God our Eternal Father made for us. He sacrificed His perfect son. The one "without blemish".
In Alma chapter 34 he talks about sacrifice and why we are to sacrifice, "Therefore, it is expedient that there should be a great and last sacrifice... then shall the claw of Moses be fulfilled; yea, it shall be all fulfilled, every jot and tittle, and none shall have passed away. And behold, this is the whole ameaning of the blaw, every whit cpointing to that great and last dsacrifice; and that great and last esacrifice will be the Son of God, yea, finfinite and eternal". So everything that we are supposed to sacrifice as a member of Christ's Church is to point us to Christ. We're asked to do some hard things. We're supposed to pay tithing, go to church every Sunday, hold a calling, and mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort. And by doing all these, by living the principles of the gospel, it points us to Christ.
And as young men, we are asked to serve a full time mission. To dedicate our lives to His service. And think about it, we pay 1/10 in tithing. Then we go on missions for 2 years when we are about 20... And also think about the physical condition of your body at that time. Are you coming into the prime of your life? Are you giving the Lord "the best 2 years" of your life? You are.
In the church hymn "Praise to the Man", there is a line that strikes me, especially at this time, "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven". I have definitely seen that prophetic phrase come true in my life. From the time i embarked on my mission until even today the Lord has blessed the lives of me and my family. My older brother has made huge steps and is preparing for the blessings of the Temple. My sister in law has joined the fold of God and has been baptized. My sister and brother in law have been sealed to their family for eternity in the House of God.
God is real. He blesses us for sacrifice. It will be hard. There will be challenges. Life won't be easy, but in the end it will all be worth it.

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