Friday, February 4, 2011


Before my mission I would lift weights. I like lifting weights because I can see the growth that I have. But in lifting, if I go in and do the same workout over and over again, I will not grow or develop. I will stay the same. But if I push myself, if I have someone that I’m lifting with, they can help me and push me to lift more and become stronger.  Along with the weight lifting, I can also take supplements that will help my body grow bigger, faster, and stronger.
In our lives we will all have struggles, burdens, or “weights”. We will all have obstacles to overcome. We are given these struggles for a specific purpose. In 1Nephi 20:10 he quotes the words of Isaiah, “I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction”. God has chosen the trials that we are to go through. He has given us these opportunities to stretch ourselves and to become better than we were.
 Just like in lifting we can have someone there to help us, people in our lives who influence us for good. People who give us added strength when we feel like we’re about to fail while we’re under the weights of our trials.
And if we are doing the little things like reading the scriptures, saying our prayers, going to church, that is just like us taking those supplements. They will strengthen us even more and help us become bigger, faster, and stronger spiritually.
I know that God is here and He loves each one of us. We can pray and He will hear our prayers. He sent us here so that we can experience happiness. I hope you can find joy in the journey of life!

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  1. nice blog Elder, all about muscles, just your style. It will be nice to keep in touch with you.